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The company....

Cuttlefish Jewelry is a hand made jewelry company that is inspired by art and motivated by sustainability.  Each piece is made from quality materials and features hand crafted ceramics all made in Los Angeles, California.  Our goal is to create visual art that inspires creativity in others while bringing an awareness to sustainable living.  All packaging currently used for Cuttlefish Jewelry is 100% recycled.  This is the first step of many others we hope to take in creating an environmentally helpful company.

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The product...

The ceramics pieces featured in our collections are hand made from polymer clay.  These are delicate, occasion pieces, and aren't intended to be worn on the daily.  Due to the handmade nature of each piece, there are inconsistencies and no two finished products can be fully identical (but they get pretty close). To clean, use a cloth dampened with water. Certain chemicals can erode the glaze. All chains and metal findings are sourced locally in DTLA with fellow small businesses.  




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